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About Ukraine

Each country has unique history and fade. Ukraine is not an exception, but a bright approval to these words. We would like to invite you to the country, where people are always happy to meet their guests, the country where you will be met with smile and sincere Ukrainian hospitality, the country where you may found out how to be happy and joyful!

Ukraine, the land of emotions! Here you may feel yourself as a baby in a toy's store, where you are allowed to choose whatever you wish, where your biggest baby-dream to make a fascinating journey to the Dreamland will come true.

Our country, is surprising island of love and cordiality, where each nook of this island is original, authentic and totally unlikely land. Wherever you go, your expectations will always be exceeded. Just pass through the vast expanses of Ukrainian lands, meet sincere kind-heartedness of the natives, visit one of the most ancient cities of Europe: Lviv, be the honorable guest of the Kiev (Kyiv)-city, pay a visit to rich for the historical monuments, Chernigov (Chernigiv) or Ukrainian industrial giant: Kharkov (Kharkiv), get acquainted with blessed Kossak lands Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipropetrovsk) and Zaporozhye (Zhaporizhzhya), enjoy the spicy Odessa, sense of humor and revel in the warm and gentle waters of the Black Sea, you will fall in love with this country forever.

Having visited Ukraine just once, you will surely come back! Again...and again...

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