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This regional centre on the Right Bank of the Desna River (appr.160 km from Kyiv) is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Population:300,000. The city tour of Chernigov includes the visit of the Chernigov State Architectural and Cultural Reserve: Dytynets (Fortress, early 12th c.), Transfiguration of our Lord the Saviour Cathedral dating back to 11th c., Borys and Hlib Cathedral dating back to 12th c., Pyatnynska Church of 12th - 13th c.c., St.Katherine Church of 17th c., Chernigov collegium (1700). One can also visit the Holy Trinity Illinsky Monastery (11-18 c.c.) with Antonius caves, Eletsko-Assumption monastery (11th-17th cc), estate of famous Ukrainian writer Mikhailo Kotsubinsky.


5 km from the center, 12 km from the airport, 8 km from the railway terminal
60 rooms, incl. Suite 3, Semi-Suite 4, Standard: SGL 26, DBL 27;
HRADETSKY** Chernigiv
Just in the center, 15 km from the airport, 2 km from the railway terminal
160 rooms, incl. Suite 6, Standard: SGL 38, DBL 116
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