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Geographical review

The climate

of the country is moderately continental, warm, and the south of Crimea - subtropical. Winter is rather mild, with no severe frosts but with regular snowfalls everywhere except the south. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter. The average winter temperature varies -8 Centigrade in the north to +2 in the south (17.6 F to 35.6 F). Summer is quite hot and dry, with occasional showers and thunderstorms, with the average temperatures from +17 C to +25 C (62.6 F to 77 F)

The country has many different geographic area types. In the South Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and Azov Sea. There are Carpathian Mountains in the West (the highest point is Mt. Hoverla (2,061 meters) and the Crimean Mountains (the highest point is Roman Kosh (1,545 meters) in the South of the country on the territory of Crimean peninsula. With all of this variation Ukraine is rich with natural beauty. Although the capital of the country is Kyiv, there are many other large cities spread throughout the country such as Odessa, Lviv, Dniepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk, Kryvyi Rih and others.

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