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Kiev (also known as Kyiv)

, a scenic city of close to 3 million people located on the Dnieper (Dnipro) River, is the bustling capital of Ukraine. The town's area amounts to 790 sq. kilometers. Woods, parks and public gardens make up over half of its area. Kiev is called one of the world's greenest cities. It is the largest political, industrial, scientific and cultural center of Ukraine.

Brief history of Kiev

Archeological excavations show evidence of the first settlements at the territory of Kiev 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. It is believed that Kiev was founded in 482 A. D. (to compare, Moscow was founded in 1147) and grew into powerful center of medieval state Kievan Rus. The most widely accepted viewpoint of historians on the origination of this first state of the Eastern Slavs is connected to what is known as Invitation of Varyags (a.k.a. Norsemen and Vikings). The first known chronicle, Povest Vremennyh Let (PVL) or Tale of the Times, tells that in 862, invited by Novgorod, konung Rurik and two brothers of him came to rule the northern Slavic lands. They brought their Scandinavian name Rus', still existing in Finn language, to call this territory Russian Land. Kiev was already a famous city then and soon Varyags came there on the way to Constantinople, to be mentioned in the Byzantine chronicle first time in 865. Their ancestors ruled from Kiev in the 9-th to 12-th centuries as a capital of huge state that stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Monumental role of Kiev is that it brought Byzantium into Russia, with its religion, alphabet, culture, stress on autocracy, and a zealous devotion to the true cause. Some of the first Varyags were already Christians, however it was in 988 that Grand Duke Vladimir baptized his nation. It was maybe where the broad avenue Khreshchatik now runs that the people descended from the hills to the Dnieper River to be christened by Greek priests from Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire .



is a really beautiful city with its marvelous hills and unique sightseeing. Having bunches of trees along Khreshchatik and all around it is commonly associated with blooming chestnuts. Another permanent association is Dinamo-Kiev, famous football club, which many times was the best in the USSR. Architectural landscape of Kiev is unique. One feature is Dnieper and the hills. Another is a huge number of orthodox churches due to which it is called sometimes the city of golden domes. The churches themselves belong to three competing branches: Moscow orthodox, Kiev orthodox and Ukrainian autonomous one. For example, when The Pope visited Kiev in 2001, he was not allowed to enter ancient Pecherska Lavra complex (from 1062, PVL chronicle is believed to be written here) now belonging to Moscow Patriarchat. He prayed, however, in the St. Alexander Church returned to the Catholics after 70 years of serving a planetarium. Recent celebrations of the 10-th anniversary of independence brought hundreds of official guests and thousands of tourists, who could see new face of Khreshchatik, majestic St. Mikhail "Golden-Head" monastery complex rebuilt in the 1990's, modernized train terminal, and other remarkable traces of new times.


RUS*** Kyiv
In the center, near the National Sport Complex, 38 km from the airport Boryspil and 14 km from the airport Zulyany, 6 km from the railway terminal, 4 km from the river port
405 rooms, incl. Suite 13, Superior: SGL/DBL 120, TWIN 74, Standard: SGL/DBL 74, TWIN 99; Tourist Class: SGL 3, TWIN 22
On the left bank of the Dnipro river, 9 km from the center, 27 km from the airport Boryspil and 20 km from the airport Zhulyany, 12 km from the railway terminal, 7 km from the river port
382 rooms, incl. Suite 6, Semi-Suite 27, Superior 30, Standard: SGL 167, TWIN 152
On the left bank of the Dnipro river, 10 km from the center, good underground connection, 27 km from the airport Boryspil and 24 km from the airport Zhulyany, 13 km from the railway terminal, 9 km from the river port
349 rooms, incl. Suite 5, Semi-Suite 5, Superior 38, Standard: SGL 85, DBL 55, TWIN 24, TRPL 29, Tourist Class 108
Just in the center on the main square of the city, 38 km from the airport Boryspil and 15 km from the airport Zhulyany, 6 km from the railway terminal, 3 km from the river port
227 rooms, incl. Deluxe 1, Suite 20, Semi-Suite 10, Superior 26, Standard: SGL 25, TWIN 32; Tourist Class 163
Just in the center near the main street of the city, 40 km from the airport Boryspil and 14 km from the airport Zhulyany, 3 km from the railway terminal,3 km from the river port.
150 rooms, incl. Junior-Suite 5, TWIN 7, King Size Bed 45, Superior 89, Unit 4
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