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Lviv (Lvov in Russian)

is a major industrial and cultural center on the Western region of Ukraine. The population of Lviv is around 900 000 peoples.

Climate in the Lviv region is temperate continental, mild with high humidity with the rainiest part in mountains. The highest temperature in summer is around 35C and the lowest in winter –30C.

Lviv is a very beautiful and cozy European city with unique architecture and lots nice restaurants and cafés. Is is famous for its ancient cathedrals, churches, museums, art galleries, theatres.

Lviv was founded as a fort in the mid-13th century by Prince Danylo Halitski, and named after his son Lev (Leo). Lviv was located on the crossroads of trade routes that made it the center of trade and commerce and led to its rapid economic development

Two hours ride from Lviv and you are in the Carpathian Mountains. Mountain hills in the Carpathian Mountains are covered with snow about 5 month during a year. You can find there ski lodges and health centers located near places suitable for skiing and snowboarding.


Just in the center, 7 km from the airport, 4 km from the railway terminal
60 rooms, incl. Deluxe 1, Suite 7, Junior-Suite 19, Semi-Suite 7, Superior 20, Standard: SGL 4, DBL 9;
In the center in front of a beautiful park, 6 km from the airport, 3 km from the railway terminal
141 rooms, incl. Suite 12, Semi-Deluxe 4, Semi-Suite 33, First Class: SGL/DBL 19, TWIN 35; Standard: SGL/DBL 2, TWIN 36
GEORGE*** Lviv
Just in the center, 7 km from the airport, 4 km from the railway terminal
74 rooms, incl. Suite 3, Junior-Suite 3, Semi-Suite 2, First Class: SGL 7, DBL 10, TWIN 10, TRPL 3 Tourist Class: SGL/TWIN 36
6 km from the center, 4 km from the airport, 7 km from the railway terminal
199 rooms, incl. Suite 13, Semi-Suite 5, Standard: SGL 37, DBL 24, TWIN 12
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