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Nikolaev (Mykhalaiv in Ukrainian)

is a regional city on the bank of the Bug Lagoon. The population of the city is over 500,000. It is one of the industrial centers of the Southern Ukraine with high-developed shipbuilding and machine engineering.

In the 6th c. not far from the present-day city there was the Greek colony Olvia. After the demolition of the Zaporizhzhian Sich (Host) a certain merchant Fabri founded here a village which was ruined by Turks in 1787. The modern name (1789) was given in honour of the victory of the Russian army overthe Turkish fortress of Achi Kale (Ochakiv) on December 6, 1788, the day of St. Nicholas Thaumaturge - the protector of seamen .

Nikolaev is one of the cultural and educational centers of Ukraine. It boasts of the Shipbuilding Institute and the Teachers't raining Institute, theatres and museums.

The Nikolaev Theater of Ukrainian Drama and Musical Comedy was founded in 1959. The Museum of Arts was founded in 1914, it boasts of the pictures of I. Aivazovs'kyi, K. Bogaievs'kyi, T. Yablons'ka.

Nikolaev boasts of its monuments of architecture built in the style of classicism: the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet 17947, the Church of Nicholas 718177.


INGUL*** Mykolaiv
1 km from the center, 13 km from the airport, 8 km from the railway terminal
41 rooms, incl. Suite 1, Semi-Suite 3, Standard: SGL 22, DBL 15
METALURG*** Mykolaiv
14 km from the center, 20 km from the airport, 10 km from the railway terminal
53 rooms, incl. Deluxe 1, Suite 4, Junior-Suite 3, Standard: SGL 20, DBL 25
TOURIST** Mykolaiv
2 km from the center, 20 km from the airport, 5 km from the railway terminal
139 rooms, incl. Suite 10, Semi-Suite 22, Standard: SGL 60, DBL 47
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