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Simferopol (Simferopil)

is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The population of the city is over 400,000. Simferopol is situated on the Salhir River. The locality has been populated since time immemorial. In the 4th century the Scythians built here their capital Neapolis Scythian which existed 6 centuries. In the 16th century, a Tatar settlement of Ak-Mesdzhid (White Mosque) came into being on the left bank of the Salhir. It became the residence of the Crimean Khan's residence. After annexation of the Crimea by Russia this site was chosen for foundation of the central city of the Tauris Province. The city was called Simferopol - the city - Gatherer. In the late 19th century the city crossed over to the Right Bank of the Salhir. Simferopol became the administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Crimean region. The food and light industries are the leading industries of the city. Simferopol has a wide range of engineering industries, including the production of modern consumer goods and machine tools. Simferopol is cultural and educational center of Crimea. The city boasts of Tauris University, the Medical Institute, the Agricultural Institute, the three theatres, the Philharmonic Society, the Museum of Regional Studies and the Museum of Arts. Tauris University boasts of the name of Volodymyr I. Vernads'kyi (1863-1945), the first Ukrainian Academician, an outstanding scientist who was the rector of Tauris University. The Museum of arts was established in 1920. The museum boasts of the masterpieces of M. Levyts'kyi, V. Tropinin, O. Venetsianov, I. Aivazovs'kyi, I. Repin, T. Yablons'ka. The Crimean Russian Drama theatre was established in 1921. The theatre boasts of the famous actors M. Tsariov (1903-1987)and Faina Ranievskaya(1896-1984). The Crimean Ukrainian Theatre of Drama and Musical comedy was established in 1956. The theater boasts of the names of the noted Ukrainian actors M.I. Andrusenko, V. Boiko, M. Bondarevs'kyi, I. Burmenko. Along with the modern plays its repertoire includes classical Ukrainian plays "Zaporizhzhian Cossack beyond the Danube" and "Matchmaking in Honcharivka". The Crimean Museum of Regional Studies was established in 1899. The museum has sections of history and nature of Crimea and boasts of the library "Tavrika". The architectural image of the city is represented by the style of classicism. The monuments of architecture include the Vorontsov Palace in a picturesque park on the bank of the Salhir River. In 1820 O. Pushkin visited Simferopol. The monument to the great poet was erected in 1967 by sculptor O. Kovaliov. Its low pedestal harmonizes perfectly with the sitting bronze statue. Simferopol is the capital of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, which include 15 districts, 16 towns, 55 settlements and 972 villages

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